Vittoria D'Alessio

My name is Vittoria and I’m the face and principal scribe behind Word & Wire. I’m a trained copywriter and an award-winning journalist, and I take pride in writing tight prose that captivates readers and keeps them absorbed until the final word. My office is based in Bristol, England.

Words have been my lifeblood since I picked up a pencil aged seven to describe my woes as a newcomer to a foreign land (I’m now happy to call Italy my second home—and I love that I have a growing number of Italian clients keeping me connected to the fatherland). As a young adult, armed with a science degree, I followed the most natural course for me—a career in health and science writing. The intervening years have been spent refining my writing skillset and expanding my repertoire, both in Europe and Asia.

I’ve contributed articles to an extensive range of newspapers, magazines and websites, and I’ve developed content for a broad spread of online businesses. I’ve also written and edited non-fiction books and I’m the published author of short stories. My love of creative writing led me to complete an MA in creative writing. My first novel, WildKat, was published by Scholastic in 2019. Archie's Cloud, a book I co-wrote with Zoe Richardson (published by Penguin Books), came soon after.

It’s my genuine belief that well-told stories change the way we think about the world. Anecdotes, narratives, human emotion—it is these ingredients above all else that spark interest and keep readers engaged. For this reason, when I'm asked to create copy, my antennae are always twitching for a narrative angle.

I see myself as a versatile writer, happy to turn my hand to virtually any topic. I've contributed my fair share of fluffy pieces ("What can you tell about a man from his underwear?" [Marie Claire]—I'm looking at you!). But at heart I’m an idealist, which has nudged me to specialise in the areas of health and wellbeing (I’m a qualified yoga teacher and hold a BSc Hons in Biology), human rights (I’ve been awarded an Amnesty International Press Award for my investigations), environmental sustainability and social issues affecting women. On larger projects, I collaborate with trusted partners to give clients a complete package. My collaborators are copywriters, proof readers, designers and website developers I’ve worked with over several years.

I'm proud of my international mindset—the product of having spent much of my adulthood living and working overseas (Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia). My exposure to so many cultures and places gives me an edge as a copywriter, helping me see stories from multiple angles and refining my sensitivity towards different ways of life. This openness to 'other' makes me highly adaptable to the marketing needs of sectors I'm encountering for the first time. It helps that I'm naturally curious and get a buzz from diving deep—if it takes extensive research and interviews to get to the heart of a topic, then dive deep I do. And if you think your field is too complex or dry for me to turn your ideas into simple, melodic prose then please throw down the gauntlet—it would be an honour to prove you wrong.

My mission is simple: to explore your ideas in depth and to shape them into written content that gets your message across accurately, concisely and with style. I will not rest my pen until you are as convinced as I am that your new content will motivate your audience to take action in a way that’s meaningful to you.

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Receving my Amnesty International Press Award
Prose is architecture, not interior decoration – Ernest Hemingway
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